Nutrition Q&a: Getting Fiber From Whole Grains

USDA, nutrition experts schedule Cebu conference

Not with all the bread, baked goods and pizza dough made with refined flour that we eat. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend making half your grains whole. (Catchy, eh?) Thats 48 grams per day. About dietary fiber Dietary fiber includes the portions of plant-based foods that are not digested plus beneficial fibers added by manufacturers. Our foods contain hundreds of various fibers some help with digestion and regularity, others improve blood fats and others help with weight control. You need all types. Dietary fiber is a nutrient found in whole grains, legumes (beans and peas), fruits and vegetables.
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Nutrition Information for Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish

raw fruits nutrition poster thumbnail

These posters show nutrition information for the 20 most frequently consumed raw fruits, vegetables, and fish in the United States. Retail stores are welcome to download the posters, print, display and/or distribute them to consumers in close proximity to the relevant foods in the stores. The list of food items with nutrition information reflects the updates published in the Federal Register of August 17, 2006 (71 FR 47439) . FDA also encourages consumers to view the posters. A text (html) version is also available for online viewing. To print posters, please select the poster size that is appropriate for your printer.
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Get the most nutrition from your apple

Green Apples

Along with the tangy sweet fruit you definitely want the nutrients youll get in the peel. Vitamins An apples skin is loaded with vitamin A, which promotes healthy vision and cell growth, and vitamin C, which supports a strong immune system and boosts collagen production for healthy skin. The peel also contains Vitamin K, which helps the blood coagulate, and folate, which the body uses in the formation of new cells. Minerals According to the University of Illinois, apple peels are an excellent source of important minerals, including calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus promote strong bones and teeth, while potassium supports healthy cell, heart and digestive function.
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Diet and exposure to certain food components during early life can alter normal developmental progression and contribute to disease later in life. The Role of Nutrition in Health Maintenance Nutrition can help us harness the ability to improve health through noncommunicable disease prevention and weight maintenance. Continued research in these areas is paramount to improve the health and well-being of future generations and economies. The Role of Nutrition in Medical Management Research will show how to slow disease progression through nutrition and allow us to achieve improved responses to therapy and survival rates. Better defining the role that nutrition plays in disease initiation and progression will also minimize unfavorable impacts of both reduced and elevated nutrient intakes on disease.
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Nutrition research has economic impact

Organizers said the conference was part of a global advocacy for healthier nutrition to address the rising incidence of diet-related illnesses and problems, such as obesity and degenerative diseases. The event also aims to advocate the adoption of pulse foods as healthy ingredients in the Filipino diet. The lineup of speakers is led by renowned cardiologist Dr. Edgar Tan, who is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Tan will discuss the role of diet and nutrition in heart and overall health, and the benefits of pulse foods as alternative diet options. US Agriculture attache William Verzani is scheduled to speak on the role of the agencys food and agriculture services in the promotion of healthier diets worldwide.
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‘Grandfather‘of nutrition goes into retirement

Even at that, Prof Oguntona said: Nutrition is a profession I look back at and I cherish with nostalgia. I will surely miss that real passion for teaching in my retirement but then the good thing is I am not going to entirely quit teaching. In the first instance, I already have a year consultancy with FUNAAB and I will take postgraduate students and afterwards, I will take on to some other things, which would unfold. In his active 35 years of developing nutrition in Nigeria, he said he considers his major achievements that give him intense satisfaction to include initiating and, galvanising the establishment of nutrition programmes in many Nigerian educational institutions. I have published (with another colleague) the only text on the Composition of Foods commonly consumed in Nigeria. The only truly national survey of Food Consumption and Nutritional Status of Nigerians were conducted between 2001 and 2003 by a team of which I was the zonal co-ordinator.
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Boston Airport Apologizes For Fire Training Exercise On 9/11

For More And More Americans, Work Time Is Exercise Time

In response to negative reactions on social media sites, the port authority, which operates the airport, said in a statement, “Massport apologizes for conducting the fire training exercise and understands that it may have offended many of those touched by the events of Sept. 11.” “It’s just dumb,” Gov. Deval Patrick said. “The timing could not be worse.” Airport under fire for 9/11 drill American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 traveled out of Logan and struck the World Trade Center towers in New York City after being hijacked on September 11, 2001. The terror attack orchestrated by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden killed 2,977 people in New York City; Washington, DC; and Pennsylvania, in the worst such attack in U.S. history.
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Two to three sessions each week of resistance training is recommended, on top of cardiovascular exercise, though both can be incorporated into one gym session, said Mr Loh. One set of resistance exercise, such as a biceps (large upper arm muscle) curl, would have 12 to 15 repetitions. Two to three different exercises with several sets each should be done in one session. Exercises to manage high blood pressure Click on thumbnail to view.
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Tips to manage high blood pressure with exercise

Promotion tile: Weight Loss Guide

“Sometimes it’s not possible if you’re really thinking hard or programming a lot. But this sort of low-grade activity that keeps people from being sedentary probably helps extend their lives by a few years, and we’re big fans of that.” The office has also purchased standing desks for most of its employees. The desks can be raised up or down with the touch of a button, and Harik says at least three or four workers can be seen standing at desks to stretch their legs at any one time. But not everyone wants one, Harik said. Some workers find it too distracting to incorporate standing or walking into their work, and some feel they are just not coordinated enough to multitask as they exercise. Levine said he was at first skeptical that a standup desk would offer improvements in health comparable to treadmill desks or other moving workstations. “It appears I was completely wrong,” he said.
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‘peers’ May Ease Mental Health Worker Shortage Under Obamacare

Mental health cuts raise concern of nurses’ union

What he didn’t know was he was suffering from schizoaffective disorder, a serious mental illness that can cause severe depression, delusions and hallucinations. Unaware of his condition, he self-medicated with alcohol, and before his 45th birthday he had lost everythinghis family, his job and his house. He lived on the streets, twice attempted suicide and spent several months in a mental hospital in Georgia. Twenty-five years later, Achord is helping others with mental illness as a “certified peer specialist” licensed by the state of Georgia. Armed with non-clinical training from the state, Achord helps people with mental illness stay on their medications, find jobs and housing and build social support networks. Peer programs such as Georgia’s could become especially important once the Affordable Care Act takes effect early next year.
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Why Maternal Mental Health Should be a Priority

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A case manager can do that, McCoy added. A case manager would be provided through a government resource center. Its definitely impacted my time. I feel like I have a child now. I have to tell someone what to do tell him when to shower, when to get dressed. I have somebody asking me whats for lunch? Whats for dinner? Now I am taking care of someone else.
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Mental Health, Autism Spectrum Patients Struggle To Get Health Care Coverage

“We can’t forget the human cost in our society when some of our most marginalized citizens are even further injured or abandoned.” McPherson noted the health authorities have said they are preparing to cut down to core services in order to balance budgets in the future. Only two services are guaranteed for mental illness in the Mental Health Act, and that is the right for physician and hospital visits. One Burnaby nurse who works with young adults suffering from mental illnesses had a workload of 40 patients five years ago; now she has 60 to 70 patients. Provincial guidelines state a caseload should not exceed 20, McPherson said, but “this is not the case anymore.” “What happens in an emergency?” she added. “What happens when a patient calls at 4:45 p.m.
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The authors note that this perception is misguided and cite evidence that rates of perinatal depression in low- and middle-income countries are actually higher than in high-income countries , ranging from 18% to 25%. Another misperception involves the idea that maternal depression is only tangential to maternal health. There is a conception that obstetric complications and infectious diseases represent much more immediate threats to maternal health than mental health issues. Yet this notion turns out not to be entirely true. Maternal depression certainly contributes in a very direct and striking manner to poor outcomes in infants.
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Health Law’s Ailments Can Be Cured By Single-payer System

Dozens of studies of federal and state single-payer proposals have found that single-payer plans could provide universal coverage not even the ACA does that and still save money. Estimates of the administrative costs of commercial health insurers exceed 10%. That doesn’t include the costs to doctors and hospitals of maintaining billing staffs to deal with insurers and keep all their rules and peculiarities straight, or the time lost to individuals and their employers of navigating this unnecessarily byzantine system. Add those, and the overall administrative costs embedded in the U.S. healthcare system come to 31% of all spending, according to a 2003 article co-written by Himmelstein for the New England Journal of Medicine. Administrative and clerical workers accounted for nearly 44% of all employees in doctors’ offices, they calculated.
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Health law could overwhelm addiction services

The shortage is especially acute in impoverished inner cities and rural areas, where it already takes many months, years in some cases, to hire doctors, health professionals say. Im thinking about putting our human resources manager on the street in one of those costumes with a We will hire you sign, said Doni Miller, chief executive of the Neighborhood Health Association in Toledo, Ohio. One of her clinics has had a physician opening for two years. In southern Illinois, the 5,500 residents of Gallatin County have no hospital, dentist or full-time doctor.
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Patients gaining coverage under health law to further strain shortage of primary care doctors

The government is also pressing states to expand their Medicaid programs to include more working poor people. If 24 states expand their Medicaid programs roughly the number now planning to do so an additional 4 million prospective patients with addiction problems would get insurance, according to the AP analysis. If virtually all of the states eventually decide to expand, as federal officials predict, the ranks of the newly insured with addiction problems could reach 5.5 million. Perhaps as important as the expansion, the new law designates addiction treatment as an “essential health benefit” for most commercial plans. “This is probably the most profound change we’ve had in drug policy ever,” said Michael Botticelli, deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
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